“I have taken Spanish lessons from a tutor in my home. I have used CDs and books. I have tried every way I could think of to learn Spanish with negligible improvement.  Then I found Barbara.  She is exactly what I was looking for. She is bright, cheerful, patient, and a superb teacher. One day I will write this in perfect Spanish. Now I finally have hope that I will be able to! I recommend her highly. You will not find better.”

left by Patti Orr, Ocala, Florida

“I really enjoy Barbara’s classes. Apart from being very confident and highly competent, Barbara is a very dedicated teacher. I started taking classes 2 months ago and I can say it’s been a great help to me in my job. ”

left by Adriana C. Francisco, Brazil

“Bárbara is an excellent teacher and very interesting person. Her classes are interactive in the largest meaning of this word and are extremely efficient to improve comprehension, speaking and writing skills. Bárbara’s teaching methods are of high professional level and are based on a large experience. Her teaching is systematic and perfectly tailored for the needs of a student. She can teach you whatever kind of Spanish you want to learn! In addition, Bárbara is extremely helpful, easy going and pleasant person with a perfect sense of humor. “

left by Anastasiya Lemysh, Ukraine
“I’ve tried many self taught Spanish programs, but never seemed to get beyond the first few lessons.  I was missing the vital component of a Spanish speaking teacher.  My weekly lessons with Barbara have helped me move beyond basic introductions and vocabulary.  In our Spanish conversation, I have become more confident with my pronunciation.  And for the first time, I have started to converse in Spanish with people in my community.  She also explains the grammar in a way that is easy to understand.  As a busy teacher, I don’t have time for college courses, so I really appreciate the convenience of the live, one-on-one Skype lessons.  Extremely knowledgeable and patient, Barbara challenges me to keep improving.”
left by Jeni Richline, USA.

“Bárbara is a great teacher; her classes really helped me get back into “Spanish mode” in preparation for my university finals. I really appreciated how Bárbara planned our classes around my specific needs to help me perfect my written and spoken Spanish, and to focus on the most important points so I got the most out of the lessons. She was always helpful in and outside of class and explained any errors I made fully so I could learn from them. I feel I learnt much more with Bárbara than in Spanish classes at university and would thoroughly recommend her lessons.”

left by Gemma Avery, England

“Bárbara is helping me right now to prepare the DELE superior exam of Instituto Cervantes. Her approach is very professional. The material she uses is from a high quality. She has a natural enthusiasm and she knows how to motivate her students. I know how hard that can be, because I’m a teacher (marketing) myself. I really enjoy the classes of Bárbara.”

left by Mark van der Kooij, The Netherlands

“Bárbara is a professional teacher, I can fully recommend her! High knowledge about the intricacies of the Spanish language, can explain everything.”

left by Meike Wilde, Switzerland

“I can definitely recommend Barbara as a teacher! Barbara has great skills in teaching Spanish, always looking for ways to explain why a word or grammar rule is the way it is. Which makes it easier to understand and remember. Moreover, she is really interested in her students and discusses topics that meet my world. Her way of teaching makes sure you really feel you get private lessons and that she does her utmost to correct you and improve your language skills. Being from Holland, it is also very practical that Barbara speaks German and English – making sure that she understands were my mistakes come from and knowing the best way to explain the difference in Spanish. ”

left by Irene van den Brink, The Netherlands

“The Spanish classes with Bárbara are perfect for me. When I arrived in Buenos Aires I almost had no knowledge about the language, it was really hard to understand the pronunciation of the Porteños. With Bárbaras classes I fast realized a progress and confidence in the Spanish language.

Besides the language classes Barbara helps out any time if there are questions about the every day life in Buenos Aires and provides you with a lot of useful advices about this fascinating City. Bárbara is interested in the learning success of her students and sets goals together with you about what you want to achieve in a certain time. The learning atmosphere is really enjoyable and kindly with a lot of humor during the classes. Because Bárbara has knowledge in many languages and knows the structure of those very well it is easy for her to understand the mistakes the students make when learning Spanish.

All the different aspects of the language ranging from grammar to reading, speaking and writing are covered in her classes. She adjusts herself to the different levels the students have and can offer a lot material to work with. In addition to that her explanations are excellent. As well she helps out with a lot of advices for using methods learning the language, for instance the transcription of audio files.

One can notice that she can provide a lot of experience in teaching languages. Even though she teaches a lot of students, Bárbara always knows exactly what we have done in the previous classes and is always prepared optimally. I would recommend her classes at any time.”

left by Nadine Rathmann, Germany

“Bárbara classes have been a real joy to take. I have had other teachers before but with her I realy feel like I have learnt so much more and improved my Spanish. She is a great teacher.”

left by Nicky McGavigan, Scotland

“Barbara is an excellent teacher, very professional and cool. Her classes are always interesting and she knows exactly how to bring daily situations to discussion in a very nice way. She used to work with texts, videos and conversations, requesting your point of view of things and making you naturally think in Spanish. During classes Barbara used to write the conversation and correct your errors, moreover, if it is of your interest, she knows explain the historical origin of most words, due to her knowledge in etymology. We are having classes with Barbara for 6 months and we already consider her a great friend.
We’ve already studied with others Spanish teachers, but It’s never been so good and efficient. We really recommend the best Spanish teacher we ever had.

left by Neilon Silva and Kenia Freire, Brazil

“Bárbara is the best Spanish teacher I ever had. She´s very knowledgeable and the materials she uses are very useful. You will not waste your time learning from her. Why learning for six months if you can do it in one with Bárbara! I´m very happy and lucky because I decided to learn Spanish with Bárbara”

left by Abdal, Saudi Arabia

“Bárbara tries to make a lesson as relevant to your personal life as possible, depending on the level of one`s Spanish. In my case that`s pretty low, but I think we`re making great progress. She communicates in Spanish as much as possible, for higher levels only in Spanish, which is great. She also has a great personality, easy going and knows how to generate conversation. She definitely gives you your money`s worth. Thank you!”

left by Monika Kovacs, Hungary

“Bárbara is a amazing teacher. She is able to turn learn Spanish into a funny thing. The classes are great! In few classes I was able to speach spanish, and I’m palnning to take more an more to impove a lot my skills. Thanks Barbara! ”

left by Fernando Gomes, Brazil

“Bárbara is great! The lesson was very well planned — she sends materials in advance for me to prepare and provides feedback. She’s also a really interesting person who makes the class a lot of fun. I highly recommend her. ”

left by Patrick Kassen, USA

I really enjoy Bárbara’s class. She explains the concepts very well, has a clear pronunciation, and is very attentive to correct my mistakes. I was so impressed that once I contacted her even before the class, she already sent me so many suggested links. After the class, I had plenty of work to practice (which is what I wanted). Best of all, she is energetic and delivers a fun class. I certainly recommend Bárbara for Spanish classes.”

left by Lucelia Brichesi, Brazil
“Bárbara was an excellent teacher. Her lessons were well prepared and effective. She was able to create an individualized lesson for me that targeted my learning style. I was impressed with her ability to pinpoint my weak points and help me overcome them. I learned a great deal from her and was impressed with the results. Each lesson was a pleasure. I highly recommend Bárbara as a language teacher.”
left by Rena Kakani, USA